Digitising is the process of converting a design into a stitching program the machine can read.  This requires a high level of skill and is a time consuming process.

The first part is the design setup which is called digitising.  This is the process of turning a picture into a format of stitches.  If your logo is simple lettering the digitizing is also simple.  A complex logo such as a crest is more expensive.

This is a one-off cost and we will keep your digitised logo on file for future orders (the logo can now be used as many times as you like!).

Secondly there is a price per logo for the application.  This cost depends on the number of stitches, number of colours, complexity of the design and the quantity of garments to be embroidered.

The more complex a logo, the more stitches it requires and the more it costs to setup (digitise) and embroider.

What you need to do:

  1. Send us a high resolution image of your logo – jpeg or pdf is preferable
  2. Also let us know what size logo you require (the width measurement, which determines the height of your logo – it is designed in proportion),  how many logos you require and if you require us to supply you with any clothing items etc
  3. Within 48 hours we will send you a quote for the setup of the design, how much each embroidered logo is and how much for the clothing etc  items you require.  We will also supply you with a visual for approval, should you wish
  4. Confirm your acceptance of the quote and we will then go ahead and set the logo up and order in your clothing etc

When your order is complete we will contact you to collect the items or should you wish we can freight to you (the cost of which will be extra over and above the quote).

It’s as easy as that; you don’t even need to come into store to collect your items!

It couldn’t be easier!